Dreaming big: Phenix City voters need bold, not bland


Voters deserve to know who’s willing to dream big

COLUMBUS LEDGER-ENQUIRER (McClatchy Newspapers), 3 July 2016

By Jim Lynn

Two men in line at the Piggly Wiggly at Phenix Plaza struck up a conversation, talking around two others.  “Hey! When did you get out?” the one with a can of sardines asked the other.

“Last month,” the second man yelled back.  The two went on to laugh about their months in the slammer and asked about each other’s families.  The half-minute exchange made others in line smile, but it also reflected in a deeper way some of the challenges facing Phenix City – and Phenix City voters – this election year.

Phenix City’s mayoral and city council election is August 23.  Mark your calendars.

In this and in most local campaigns, candidates steer clear of anything that looks remotely like an issue.  Keep it bland, shake a lot of hands, stir no controversy.  Hand out brochures that say where you went to high school and where you go to church.  It’s the plain-vanilla, “I want to move Phenix City forward” approach, a cynical strategy that’s downright condescending to voters.  Our community deserves better.

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