Bridging ‘Islands of Innovation’ at CSU … Chris Markwood hopes to use a subtle leadership style to improve what works (Columbus and the Valley magazine, February 2016)

By Jim Lynn

So he probably wasn’t the best teacher on campus that summer.

Chris Markwood had just moved his tassel at his Southwest Baptist University graduation ceremony moments before Larry Whatley cornered him. An associate professor of political science, Whatley told Markwood that another instructor was unable to teach a summer class and asked if he’d be willing to fill in.

Markwood had been accepted at the University of Missouri law school, thinking of a career in law and politics. But the summer adventure sounded like a way to earn cash for law school and he accepted. He had been an undergraduate teaching assistant to Whatley and knew the material well.

“So I taught the class,” he remembered. Just 20 years old, many of the students were his age or younger. “It was probably not the best class I ever taught.”

But it was enough, becoming one of those unpredictable turning points in life. Read the rest of this entry »